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"Francisco Alzina was elected as Santa Cruz County's first Sheriff April 4th, 1850, in the first election under the United States government. Two hundred thirteen votes were cast in the election; of those he received 125 votes. He was born November 30, 1821 in Spain. At age 21, he fled political disorder in Spain by stowing away on the USS Constitution and arrived in Virginia and then moved to Monterey CA. He accepted a position as clerk for the first Santa Cruz County Judge William Blackburn. In 1848, he married Maria Gonzales and raised 14 children. With the discovery of gold, he tried his hand in mining and then was elected Sheriff of Santa Cruz County. He served as a respected interpreter between the U.S. and Mexican cultures during this critical transition period in California, and became an American citizen in September 1851. He left office on October 3rd, 1853. He died April 29th 1887 and is buried in the Old Holy Cross Cemetery on Capitola Road Extension. His house still stands on Sylvar Street in Santa Cruz and is the oldest wood frame house in the county."

Santa Cruz Sheriff Department History

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