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Pre-Design Assessment Phase

  • We will meet with the clients to discuss their initial ideas and goals and to establish the project requirements, including the budget, space requirements, floor plan, and aesthetic preferences.

  • We will make a preliminary review of the zoning requirements, site conditions, and the clients" ideas and vision of their finished project.

  • We will prepare a proposal outlining the steps in the process and estimated costs for design services


Schematic Design

  • We will make a site visit to survey the existing conditions, and if a renovation of an existing home, take accurate measurements to prepare a set of As-Built, or Existing Conditions drawings.

  • We will explore the initial ideas and goals outlined in the initial meeting with sketches and drawings to illustrate the basic elements of the design. 

  • Review with local planning department staff to determine requirements for zoning, setbacks, heights, etc.


Design Development

  • We will develop expand, and refine the plans to include the site plan, floor plans, & exterior elevations

  • The Client shall select hardware, finish plumbing fixtures, appliances, kitchen cabinets, tile, stone and decorative lighting fixtures.

  • We will begin to assemble the design and construction team in consultation with the client, including surveyor, civil, geo-technical, structural engineers, energy consultants, and construction contractors.


Construction Documents

  • Based on the approved Design Development drawings, we will prepare the construction documents consisting of drawings and specifications suitable for submitting for building permits and  for construction. Including:

  • Architectural floor plans and elevations.

  • Finish plumbing fixture locations. 

  • Electrical and lighting plans.

  • Details, Sections, Schedules and Notes communicating in detail the various aspects of the design relating to construction and/or code requirements. 

  • NOTE: The basic design services do not include mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire suppression, structural or civil engineering. We will coordinate these services and incorporate all required engineering documents with the architectural plans for submittal for permits. 

  • The client shall approve the Construction Documents prior to proceeding with the next phase.



  • We will prepare the building permit application and permit submission package. 

  • The client shall provide payment of the building permit fee and printing of required sets of plans for submittal.

  • We will assemble the various plans and documents required by the building department and submit for the building permit. 

  • We will respond to building department and other agency comments that may come up during the permit review process, prior to the issuance of the building permit.

  • During construction we offer a range of  services to be discussed and determined in the process of the design. These options can include:

  • Site visits and or clarifications  as needed.

  • Regular site visits to observe and report on construction progress. 

  • Construction Management

  • Design/Build







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