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Update on the Restoration of the Historic Manor Avenue Home

The restoration work has turned the corner from the removal and repair phase to meticulously putting it all back together by John Winterburn and his crew and subcontractors.

The Riordon House, built in 1928,

was one of the first homes in Cliff Manor Subdivision and was included in what was once called "Millionaires Row" along West Cliff Drive. During construction, an article from the Santa Cruz Sentinel boasted of it being "one of the best built buildings in California" and that it was "built to last."

Unfortunately, there was one crucial flaw in the construction that came to light during the early stages of the renovation. The techniques of 1928 did not include the kind of waterproofing behind the stucco we use today, and over time moisture was trapped behind the durable cement stucco against the wood framing. This resulted in a massive amount of hidden rot that had to be tediously removed and replaced. But the latest in moisture control technology is being installed should allow the home to stand another century.

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